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Carnegie Hill Veterinarians is a small animal practice that cares for dogs, and cats. We provide medical attention in a comforting environment for pets with experienced doctors, and loving technicians/assistants.

In our facility we have a spacious reception/waiting area, three exam rooms, one of which is purposed specifically for cats, a pharmacy/lab area where we keep medication and prescription diets. a treatment area is which also doubles as a dentistry suite. and a fully dedicated operating room for more involved procedures.

We have digital x-rays, and an in-house blood chemistry analyzer to help our doctors move along quickly in their diagnosis. We are also equipped with an sonogram machine which will allow our doctors to assess abdominal organ function.

A little past the treatment area we have insulated cages, which keeps the pets warm in the winter, and is cooled in the summer to keep them comfy as they either wait for their procedure and/or board. Boarding is only available for cats, and we also keep some cats overnight after their procedure if we feel that there is a need for it.

an outside view

our entrance

our waiting area, faced by our reception area.

front desk.

directly to the left of the front desk you can make a right to go to room 1 and the bathroom, or continue left to the rest of the facility

exam room 1, also dubbed the cat room. It is equipped with a light dimmer to help make cats more comfortable, and is generally the room we like to use for cat examinations, and small dogs

exam room 2, for both cats and medium sized dogs

The "Big dog room", exam room 3 has a large dog scale, and a peninsula table that allows us also to examine cats and small dogs if room 1 is unavailable

our lab/pharmacy, where we have all our prescription medications, and prescription diets. It also houses our microscope, in-house blood tester, and other various in house tests

The treatment area 

kennels and cages.

Surgery room equipped with a state-of-the-art anesthesia machine.

Anesthesia Machine

Our digital xray machine, which aid us in treating out patients.